Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black

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You will take the field by storm once they slip on a pair of these high-quality Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF ..Fast by nature,These cleats are designed for speed on turf trainer surfaces.
Ground Type

Turf Trainer Soccer Shoes

Turf, a synthetic-grass surface, usually applies to Astro Turf (sand or water-based). Playing on turf surfaces requires less cleat penetration, which is similar to the needs of a hard ground sole plate, and features a solid rubber outsole with numerous, small multidirectional lugs.

Turf cleats are also appropriate for play on very dry natural surfaces, hard dirt pitches or gravel.

  • Ideal for synthetic grass surfaces, most commonly Astro Turf
  • Designed for enhanced traction, cushioning and comfort
  • Usually a solid, soft rubber outsole with multi stud or lug configuration
Please Note : Due to the Coronavirus,the flight now is very limited, all shipments is waiting for warehouse scheduled, the delivery time take longer than before. The tracking number will be update after pick up, it maybe need 6-8 days, hope you can understand.25/10/2021 (Updating)
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 1
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 2
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 3
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 4
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 5
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 6
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 7
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 8
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 9
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 10
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 11
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 12
Nike MercurialX SuperflyX V CR7 TF - White/Grey/Black 13
How do I find the right size?

For the best result, you need a piece of paper, tape to attach it, a pencil, a pair of socks similar to what you would use in your boots/shoes and a ruler. Then follow the guide below.

Step 1

Put a white piece of paper against the wall on a hard surface. Place your foot so the heel follows the edge of the paper.

Step 1
Step 2

Mark the length of you foot, at the longest point, with a pencil and measure both feet as there may be a difference.

Step 1
Step 3

Then measure the difference from the bottom of the paper to where you have measured both feet and write down the longest length.

Step 1
Step 4

The most precise measurments are when we have measured the boots. When we have done that, it is shown like this.

Step 1
Kids sizes

For childrens football boots we don\'t recommend; as it goes for regular footwear, that you add growth room for up to 1.5 cm, but instead around 0,5 - 1 cm as the size in general needs to fit right away.

Customer Reviews
  • Review by Darren Regan

    ochä Ställets fan och och ochrämed om att får sällets och. Sidan på AV söner NaMN Mina stövlarna.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Jose E Cruz

    Merci, est venu, satisfait.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Karie Spencer

    Priset är värt vartenda öre! Jag älskar HuR Snuggle känns på Dina fötter. Riktigt lätta skor.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Davide Cominotti

    Det parset är larset tank inte är det bästa men det är bra för priset. Det fungerar bra och är av god kvalitet.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Brian Pfeil

    Kvalitet gjorde snygg OCH OCH Perfekt passform DET DET FRIA skrivet toppade.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Mark Dotis

    dafen Sohlie die erbe er er er er auie. den Stil und die Passform.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Evan Ellison

    Bought these for my 6 year old son to replace his old boots. He loves them, the fit is good, plenty of elasticity for shin pads with ankle protectors.they were delivered a day earlier than expected! Thanks!

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Rob Franzen

    见た目は良いですが、产品が大きすぎます。私は鞋を男ではなく女子のサイズ39にするRequirementがあることを売り手に寻ねました。そDomNode- gaそuでthou ru-yo-u niそDomNode- ga star daっtaのでprivate waそDomNode- ni star wo andえna ke me cry ba na ri ma se sanでshi ta,そshi te ma ta he ga article wo a front bearing suru ni bai ri hand ga back A shi ma shi ta

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Joseph Montes

    Il ragazzo è felice e non ama niente tranne.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Krystle Moore

    They are soft, but they sit well on the leg.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Jesse Wheeler

    Élégant très, L'UN NOM d'ajout Les A Rendus PLUS personnels.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Sherry Welsh

    Würde sehr leichten Stiefel für den Preis empfehlen, danke.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Brandy Faulk

    Zamówione W niedzielne popołudnie obudziłem się W poniedziałek I przybyli, mój SYN był Tak zadowolony, że Na nich spojrzał.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Dario Aringoli

    تناسب مثالي طفل صغير سعيد خدمة جيدة سعر جيد.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Jesse Souliere

    Bardzo dobry barakup.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Toni Poole

    Sohn liebt Stiefel, Die Perfekt und von Hoher Qualität passen und nicht mehr verrutschen.

    (Posted on 8/2/2020)

  • Review by Dylan Romine

    Excellent rapport qualité / prix et j'ai adoré les styles.

    (Posted on 8/1/2020)

  • Review by Jim Coughlin

    Bota elegant see y ordenada muy cómoda siente genial.

    (Posted on 8/1/2020)

  • Review by Shane Richmond

    الجلد يبدو جميل جدا ، نظام الألوان رائع.

    (Posted on 7/29/2020)

  • Review by Jacob Mann

    Seleção muito melhor para o meu filho, pois proporciona um conforto de comprimento do dedo na frente do sapato. Recomendação a todos para que aumentem o calçado dos seus filhos para lhes dar conforto na ponta dos péos dar conforto na ponta dos

    (Posted on 7/29/2020)

  • Review by Daniel Mcgill

    Ik vind de items leuk en kinderen zijn blij met de schoenen.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Adrian Lopez Fernandez

    Koupil Pro Mé syny Vánoce A ON je miluje A Velmi by je doporučil.

    (Posted on 7/24/2020)

  • Review by Sharrief Tate

    Excellent fit my boy loves them. Look really stylish.

    (Posted on 6/30/2020)

  • Review by Kristijan Vugrinec

    These fit well. A classic look that works well. Would recommend to anyone!

    (Posted on 6/2/2020)

  • Review by Richard Yao

    Les bonnes bottes ont particulièrement aimé la semelle intérieçrecommand de avec ventilation,

    (Posted on 3/29/2020)

  • Review by Dougie Thoms

    Ik ben dol op het product, de beste laarzen op de markt. Past geweldig.

    (Posted on 1/27/2020)

  • Review by Master Zenyatta

    Parece muito elegante, meu filho os ama e vale o dinheiro.

    (Posted on 1/24/2020)

  • Review by Steven Iorlano

    na obrázku.

    (Posted on 11/13/2019)

  • Review by Lillian Velazquez

    نوعية جيدة جدا ، ذهب لأقل من شهر.

    (Posted on 10/28/2019)

  • Review by Brandon Barham

    Ho Letto molte recensioni Prima E Sono Contento DI DI acquistarle non averle ascoltate, MIO Figlio E GLI Si Le Adora adatta Meglio.

    (Posted on 8/9/2019)

  • Review by Nick Tonn

    Liebhaber der Farbe, macht einen Wechsel von Schwarz, leicht zu reinigen.

    (Posted on 2/19/2019)

  • Review by Kresimir Horvat

    Ich habe diese Stiefel für meinen Sohn bestellt und the SIE sind großartig, pünktlich geliefert und sehen of Toll-AUS. Er freut SiCH auf Die Neue Saison, damit ER the SIE nutzen kann.

    (Posted on 1/12/2019)

  • Review by Kyle Fletcher

    أحذية رائعة ، تبدو رائعة وصحيحة الحجم مريحة للغاية.

    (Posted on 11/7/2018)

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